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Transport Logistics

Backed by years of operational experience delivering domestic and international freight, we can deliver cargo across our global network via road, rail, sea and air.

Crucible Couriers and Logistics is a partner of choice for customers from a broad range of industries – from fast moving consumer goods to chemicals and machinery – helping some of the world's leading companies with their freight logistics.


With a safe, innovative fleet and well-established delivery networks across the globe, we are able to transport all manner of freight by road.

From bicycle couriers and small trucks to road transporters and prime movers, our diverse fleet can provide road freight transport for everything from parcels and documents to oversized machinery and bulk commodities.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means that our vehicles are among the safest on the roads, as well as being efficient and environmentally sound.


Our experience operating and managing railroad networks across the world enables us to offer our customers comprehensive rail freight solutions.

For the timely, cost effective delivery of freight overland, a strong rail network provides an efficient transport solution.

Our rail fleet provides safe, reliable and environmentally sound transport as part of the multi-modal freight services we offer throughout our global network.

We have rail offerings that connect our customers to major economic regions worldwide to better support their supply chains.


We can combine transport modes across our network to carry cargo by air, road, rail and sea – delivering flexible, cost effective transport solutions.

Our experience in designing and implementing customised end-to-end supply chains for our customers means that regardless of your specific freight transport requirements, we can provide you with an intermodal solution to meet your needs.

Using varying transport modes across your supply chain can reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiencies and improve your speed to market. Your choice of service will depend on your budget and how quickly you need your freight delivered.

Dedicated Transport

We have the capability to provide you with a dedicated transport solution developed through collaboration and backed by the expertise and network capacity.

Our dedicated transport service teams work closely with you to assess your operations and balance factors that impact your operating costs and service requirements.

We will help you develop a logistics management plan that can include consolidation and optimisation of your fleet and route options.

We also offer an agile service, which means we can adapt to your needs as they evolve and refine your solution to match your requirements.


Our dedicated transport services encompass

  • Fleet design and innovation.
  • Fleet provisioning.
  • Driver recruitment and management.
  • Operations management.
    • Safety compliance and chain of responsibility management.
    • Dispatch management.
    • Planning and resource scheduling.
    • Route optimisation.
    • Transport administration.
    • Customer service and communication.
    • Capacity planning and forecasting.
    • Seasonality management.
    • Unforseen events resolution.
    • Continuous improvement programs.
    • Benefits of choosing a dedicated transport service

      • A tailored solution to your needs without needing to manage or own logistics assets and resources.
      • Guaranteed equipment suitability and availability.
      • Branding / marketing opportunity.
      • Flexible and agility options.

      At Crucible Logistics , we have established good relationships with reliable carriers on both flights and vessels to any destination.

      Scope of our Dedicated Transport Services

      • Encompasses all modes: air, sea, road and rail.
      • Customised level of service and equipment provision: liquids and gas, heavy haulage, express fleet, temperature controlled, high cube / high mass, metro fleet, line haul, FMCG, fashion, specialist handling needs.
      • Control tower services.
      • Dangerous Good and out of gauge handling.
      • Dedicated / branded fleet.

      This offers you adequate capacity, so you never need to worry about space or lane availability. Specific trucks and drivers are at your service, when and where you need them.