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Customs Brokerage

Supply Chain Management

Remote and Resource Logistics

We provide remote and resource logistics to some of the toughest locations on earth. With responsive and quick deployment solutions, we can deliver an effective response to emergency and humanitarian situations as well as supporting onshore and offshore exploration, construction and production activities for the resource industries.

Offshore & Onshore Logistics

We specialises in providing integrated logistics solutions to the oil and gas exploration, construction and production industry.

Drawing on our specialist industry expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of offshore and onshore services designed to support oil and gas production and exploration activities for both short and long-term projects. We've been providing world-class offshore logistics solutions and support services to the oil, gas and exploration sectors for more than 5 years.

Our network of supply bases gives us close geographical proximity to major oil and gas activity in the country. Our capabilities range from delivering fully integrated supply chain management solutions to providing specialised services tailored to our customers' specific needs.

Partnering with us gives you access to the combined resources of the divisions within the Crucible Couriers & Logistics which helps to optimise efficiencies across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

We're experts in designing and implementing customised end-to-end supply chains for our customers. Drawing on this expertise, we offer customers supply chain consultancy services. So whether you're looking to optimise a specific aspect of your supply chain or you're seeking advice on a fully integrated solution, we can help.

We'll work with you to undertake a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain before identifying cost effective and operationally sound solutions.

Our supply chain services include;

  • Supply chain review and audit
  • Supply chain strategy and distribution network design
  • Supply chain planning and management in remote or challenging locations, including locations without existing infrastructure.
  • Inventory management planning including demand forecasting, inventory classification and materials requirements planning (MRP) projections
  • Technology, materials handling and equipment innovation.
  • Site location and lay-out optimisation.
  • Transport optimisation.
  • Cost to serve analysis.
  • Business case development and sensitivity analysis.
  • Continuous improvement analysis and implementations.
  • Sourcing strategy and landed cost analysis.
  • Supply chain process review and design.

Our consultancy services are supported with comprehensive chain modelling tools to enable a thorough evaluation of strategic options.

So if you're seeking to reduce your logistics costs, improve your operating efficiencies, increase your speed-to market - in fact, if you're looking to optimise your supply chain in any way - talk to us.